Funded by NSF’s Dynamics of Coupled Natural-Human Systems, the Amazon Dams Network will meet with partners from UF Geological Survey, Federal Universities of Tocantins and Rondonia in Brazil, Northern Arizona University, among others, in Flagstaff, Arizona from 14-18 May.  This first RCN workshop will promote cross-sectorial dialogue and learning across geographical borders, focusing on integrative research and adaptive management of freshwater systems affected by hydroelectric dams in the Amazon and Colorado River watersheds.  Workshop participants include academic researchers, students, government officers, public defenders, indigenous leaders and electric sector representatives working on dammed river systems in the US, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. Our objectives for the first meeting are: 1) strengthen and build community among the diverse set of people interested in sharing experiences and collaborative learning across disciplines and geographic regions; 2) identify and establish working groups to tackle key questions and issues related to adaptive management of systems affected by hydroelectric dams; and 3) advance on developing timeline and action steps to complete network products, including outlining a set of products for the near and longer-term. To learn more visit our workshop web site here.