Ecuador’s Ambassador to the United States Nathalie Cely visited the University of Florida on 28-29 March.  She met with faculty from the Center for Latin American Studies on Thursday afternoon, as well as Ecuadorian graduate students from across campus.  Students from the Loiselle and Blake labs, and other students in UF’s Tropical Conservation and Development program were among those who met with the Ambassador.  On 29 March, Ambassador Cely met with VP Jack Payne, faculty from the Food and Resource Economics Department, among others.  It was a great opportunity for all of us to learn about Ecuador’s investment in education, the challenges and research areas of particular interest to Ecuador’s leadership. Learn more about the Ambassador and Ecuador at the embassy here.

Ambassador Cely is standing next to Phil Williams (her left), Director of Center for Latin American Studies, and Eduardo Rivadeneira (her right), Ministro Consul General del Miami. TCD and Lab students in the picture are Julia Salvador, Hernan Alvarez, Maria Checa, Claudia Segovia, Gonzalo Rivas, and Xavier Haro-Carrion.