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Lower-ranking manakin males display more at larger leks

By | September 30th, 2016|Atlantic Forests, birds, Brazil, lek, Manakin, manakins, sexual selection|

Our paper on "Trade-offs in male display activity with lek size" is now published on PlosOne: Cestari, C., B. A. Loiselle, and M. A. Pizo. Trade-offs in male display activity with lek size. PloS ONE: 11(9): e0162943 Click here to see the publication. The field research was led by Cesar Cestari and involved simultaneous filming [...]

Trip to UNESP and Parque Estadual Intervales

By | December 18th, 2014|Atlantic Forests, birds, research|

Just back from a trip to visit colleagues Marco Pizo and Cesar Cestari at UNESP in Rio Claro.  We are in year 2 of a Science without Borders project investigating how male reproductive status influences their fruit foraging decisions.  During this trip we advanced significantly on some data analysis from field experiments run during previous [...]

SAVE Brasil wins 2014 Muriqui Award

By | May 29th, 2014|Atlantic Forests, Brazil, conservation|

Our heartfelt congratulations to the Society for the Conservation of Birds of Brazil  SAVE Brasil for winning the 2014 Muriqui  Award for their work on protecting birds and forest habitat in the highly endangered ecosystems of the Atlantic Forests of southeast Brazil.  This award is regarded as one of the most prestigious awards granted to individuals or organizations [...]