The Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation has a new tenure-track position open for an Assistant Professor in Global Change Ecology.  We are looking for someone to develop an internationally recognized research program related to global change impacts on wildlife and biodiversity.  The individual would be expected to: 1) teach an innovative, state-of-the-art undergraduate course that provides a foundation in the concepts and tools of global change ecology and its effects on behavior, ecology and population dynamics of wildlife; (2) teach a graduate course that integrates quantitative, theoretical, and field approaches to address wildlife management and conservation in a global change context;  and (3) develop and support a rigorous, internationally recognized research program focusing on how large-scale, natural and anthropogenic drivers of change (e.g., climate, sea-level rise, biological invasions, diseases, fire regimes, pollution, land-use transformation, human population growth and sociopolitical factors) affect wildlife diversity in Florida, the Southeastern US, and abroad.
We have a GREAT department with wonderful colleagues here and across the campus.  Please consider applying and spread the word!!
Link to job ad here.