The second annual meeting of the NSF-funded Manakin Genomics Research Coordination Network met from 13-16 August at Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, Maryland.  43 individuals participated including graduate and undergraduate students, post-docs, faculty and research scientists from Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Germany, and Peru.  This meeting focused on advancing activities of 7 working groups.  These groups included 1) Data Management and Archiving, 2) Building Genomic Resources, 3) Physiological Bases of Manakin Behavior, 4) Comparative Studies of Female Choice, 5) Environmental Variation and its Impacts on Population Dynamics and Manakin Behavioral Ecology, 6) Comparative Genomics, Sexual Selection, and Diversification, and 7) Outreach and Education.  We expect to have a workshop later this year on manual gene annotation using Manacus vitellinus genome.  Our next planned meeting of the group will take place in Panama.