Summer is a busy time and the lab is off to several meetings to present their findings:

Association for Tropical Biology, 2015  (12-16 July, Honolulu, Hawaii): Gonzalo Rivas-Torres, Luke Flory, Damian Adams, & Bette Loiselle. Experimental removal of an exotic canopy-forming tree has mixed effects on native and non-native flora in the Galapagos.

Neotropical Ornithological Congress X (19-24 July, Manaus, Brazil): Juliana Bedoya-Durn, Farah Carrasco Rueda, Angelica Garcia-Villacorta, Flavia Montano Centellas, & Mariana Villegas Bilbao. UEcoNet: Envisioning collaboration among cities, regions, and countries.

2015 AOU/COS Conference (28 July – 2 August, Norman, Oklahoma): Oscar Gonzalez & Bette Loiselle. Structure of the bird-flowering plant network in the elfin forests of the Andes.

2015 Ecological Society of America (9-14 August, Baltimore, Maryland): Bette A. LoiselleBuilding bridges across disciplines and developing learning-action networks to advance ecology and sustainability studies.