Wrapping up a two week visit with colleagues Marco Pizo and Cesar Cestari as part of our Science without Borders grant investigating the integration of sexual selection and optimal foraging using white-bearded manakin (Manacus manacus) as a model.  We managed to submit two articles in the past few days about this work and have plans for at least one more.  Meanwhile we took Thursday morning to visit Tanqua, also known as the ‘Pantanal Paulista”.  This wetland was created decades ago with the building of a dam on the Piracicaba River.  Today there is some eco-tourism, artisanal fishing, and ranching surrounding its borders.  The area is also in the heart of sugarcane, Eucalyptus plantations and citrus.  We saw a lot of aquatic birds including more than 20 Jabiru storks, pictured here.  Also note the Crested Caracara in the background.