Our heartfelt congratulations to the Society for the Conservation of Birds of Brazil  SAVE Brasil for winning the 2014 Muriqui  Award for their work on protecting birds and forest habitat in the highly endangered ecosystems of the Atlantic Forests of southeast Brazil.  This award is regarded as one of the most prestigious awards granted to individuals or organizations related to the environmental efforts in Brazil.  The Muriqui award is granted by the Biosphere Reserve of the Atlantic Forest (designated by UNESCO).The Atlantic forest region has been long recognized as a hotspot of biological diversity and one of the most threatened areas on the planet.  Since arrival of Europeans more than 400 yrs ago, natural resources in the region have been extracted and the region has been extensively developed.  Today only about 10% of the original Atlantic forests remain, and these forests many endemic and endangered species.  The President of SAVE Brasil is Dr. Jaqueline M. Goerck de Carvalho Macedo and Jaqueline and her team have dedicated more than 14 years to their work in conservation in se Brasil. We thank dedicated individuals like Jaqueline and her team for their conservation work – we are very proud of their accomplishments for us and the next generation. 

Please acknowledge their great work by visiting their facebook and web page www.savebrasil.org.br and giving them the “thumbs up”!

PS We can’t help but brag that Jaqueline received her MS and PhD in the Loiselle lab!