Bette joined the on-going UF-OTS graduate specialty course in Costa Rica and spent a stimulating day discussing biodiversity conservation issues with law professors from Costa Rica and UF, law and natural resource students from Costa Rica, Colombia and the US. The course, Tropical Conservation and Sustainable Development: Law, Policy and Practice, combines lectures, field site visits, meeting with stakeholders and a practicum focused on key environmental issues in Costa Rica.  Students work in teams of three to address issues such as involuntary resettlement from development projects and disasters, biological corridors, environmental health, and water conflicts. Tomorrow we head to southern Costa Rican highlands near the Panama border to see firsthand the area where the Amistosa Corridor project to connect forest reserves across a large region is proposed and where the Guaymi  indigenous reserve and OTS Las Cruces Biological Station are located.  Stay tuned for more updates and photos from the field.

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