Well besides the fact it could be in better focus!  I am back in Brazil visiting my colleagues Cesar Cestari and Marco Pizo at UNESP in Rio Claro.  Sunday morning we headed to the local ‘natural’ area where there are stands of Eucalyptus (30 yr old, 100 yr old), lots of Euterpe palms (an exotic species here), plus regenerating forests.  Bird life is abundant and the park gets lots of visitors that come out to take photos, ride their bikes, run, walk, or just have a picnic.  By the time we left, the parking lot was full!  Great to see.  Oh yes, back to the photo.  We saw this immature cowbird just sitting quietly and moving only short distances.  Within a few minutes “mom”, a rufous-collared sparrow, showed up to feed her baby.  Marco remarked that this year seemed to be a big year for cowbirds – many of the thrush nests he followed on campus contained one or more cowbird eggs.  Of course, cowbirds of multiple species are known to parasitize the nests of numerous songbirds as female cowbirds lay their eggs in those nests leaving parental care to their parasitized hosts.  Chalk this nest up to the cowbird!