I had the distinct privilege of co-teaching The Amazon seminar with Dr. Marianne Schmink in Fall 2015 – what a great experience!  Marianne has been teaching this foundation inter-disciplinary seminar since 1981 when she first taught the course with Drs. Charles Wagley and Chuck Wood.  This fall we had 16 fabulous students and several faculty and post-docs sitting in.  The course also linked with colleagues at several Universities in Brazil and had guest lectures from people on and off campus.  Technology enabled us to bring our colleagues virtually to the classroom and “capture” their lectures.  The success of the course is in no small measure a result of Marianne’s extensive experience and knowledge of the region.  She is a legend.  Thanks also go to a very diverse, engaging, and smart group of graduate students that brought a wealth of first-hand experience to the classroom, as well as to our guest speakers that provided in-depth looks at issues like REDD+, social movements and conflicts, oil and mining, hydroelectric dams, commodity expansion, community-based tourism, indigenous knowledge and agricultural practices, among other topics.  You can learn more about this course by visiting the course web site where lectures, readings, and other materials are archived.